Uschi's tavern

In B3 you will find Uschi’s tavern. Here you will find alcohol, food and drink. A fountain is available for thirsty travelers. When she’s there, she’ll be happy to entertain you. Whereby Psy strongly recommends that you just get your food from her and roast it yourself on the grill outside. The field can of course also be rented for events and parties, such as birthdays.

The tavern is the central point of contact for the sanatorium’s rumor mill.


Uschi accepts money, but also empty bottles ($ 20), cigarettes ($ 10), gunpowder ($ 50), duct tape ($ 100), intestines ($ 10), human flesh ($ 30), and eyes ($ 20). The items are only accepted for the purchase of the goods in the tavern and are not exchanged for money. However, the change is always and only in dollars.

  • each beer: $ 10
  • Bottle of wine: $ 20
  • All hard liquor: $ 30
  • Meat: $ 10
  • Vegetables: $ 10

At events and celebrations, Overseer Psy also sponsors pizza, Börgerbröttchen, smoked dog steak and other strange delicacies.