The SCUM sanatorium

The Scum Sanatoirum in the big city (C4) offers various services to make it easier for patients to survive on the island. It is the central point of contact for concerns of any kind.

The flea market

There are all sorts of items on the flea market that were no longer needed by anyone. Just bring the things you no longer need and put them in the acceptance box. Then take what you need out of the wardrobes at the flea market. The flea market is maintained by Psy and is accessible at all times.

Car service station

At the car service station you will find all the important parts and accessories for and around the car, as well as various other themed stuff. Die Werkstatt befindet sich vor dem Sanatorium.

Cars can be repainted ($ 1,000) or converted ($ 1,500) here.

The hardware store

The hardware store is also at the sanatorium. Here you can buy everything related to the construction of a base. Of course, the same items are also bought, as well as some other thematically relevant things.

The free market

The free market is right next to the sanatorium building. If you don’t donate your garbage to the flea market, but want to get rid of it, or are simply short of money, you can also take your things to the open market and try to sell it to other patients.

Procedure: At the sanatorium, on the platform of the open market, you will find a chest in which you will find building materials for a sign. Find a free box (without a sign) and place a sign in front of it, on which you write the price for the contents. Place the item you want to sell in the chest and wait.

Just check back in a few days. Maybe next time there is money in it instead of the objects. Take out the money and destroy your shield. If you don’t feel safe and are afraid of theft, just take a screenshot of the content and send it to Overseer Psy.

Conversely: You come to the flea market. But you can’t find what you’re looking for here. And so you decide to take a look at the open market. You can tell whether there is anything in the boxes by the fact that there is a sign in front of the chest with the associated price. Take a look at the content. If you want something, put the amount in the chest and take the item out.