Igor's Nameless Village

Igor has made his home in B3. Originally he just wanted to build a small hut for himself. But Igor likes to chop wood. Very, very much. And a lot of wood. The forest around it hardly manages to regrow in time.  

And so he began to build a wall. He likes to build walls. Almost as much as he likes to chop wood. The wall got bigger and bigger, so that a flag is still enough. The question is how much longer.

And so he started building houses. So the supervisor Psy, who then made sponsors clear, reached an agreement with Igor that the village would be under special protection. Igor wishes peace in his homeland. You have to be able to slaughter and grill your bear cow somewhere in peace!

If you want, you can rent or buy a hut in Igor’s village. You have to ask him for prices directly. According to rumors, he also accepts services as payment. But it depends on the personal relationship with him and the offer. Community village events are planned.